Making the ‘Pinky’ Pattern quilt


Time for an update on the progress I have made with the Pinky pattern.

After a roaring start ( I paper pieced ALL the Hexagons in just a couple of days!) the project came to a bit of a halt when I started to prepare for the show at Duxford. 🙂 (read more about the show on our facebook page). I visited the lovely Alison in Broadstairs (Smartfrog) to choose the fabric for the Diamonds and the outer borders, which was of course great fun! Why is it that we never seem to have the right fabrics in our stash no matter how large our fabric stash actually is?? Or is it just me?? Or do we simply need an excuse to go shopping for more?? 😉 Whatever the reason, it just had to be done.





By now I have managed to stitch the first 3 row of Hexagons together with the diamonds. This a nice stage in any project: You can see how the bits come together and you get an idea what the final quilt will look like. I will leave it here with some more impressions of the project (I know all quilters like pictures!) 🙂


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  1. Lynette Rees on July 5, 2014 at 9:32 pm

    I started quilting in 1972 when I was going to quilt a cot quilt for my daughter born that year. Like topsy it grew and it sits on the floor all round my bed. It was hexagons, paper, and I did the grandmothers’ flower garden. I saw you at Sandown and so pleased to see you that you are encouraging people to use the English paper piecing method. Hope it goes well.
    I will come back for more hexagons when I have finished a few more ‘projects’!

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