Sunday afternoons 2

I have been so very busy in the last week that at times I did not know if I was coming or going.. I almost forgot to write something for the blog! And that won’t do now, will it? 🙂

My main occupation has been to prepare patterns for the shop. I am pleased to say that I have managed to draw up 6 patterns so far, which should hit the shop floor later this week. But my mind is running riot with more ideas – which is great – if only I had more time to sit at the computer and burn the midnight oil! 🙂 If you have ever prepared anything similar then you will know just how ‘involving’ a process this is. I must have spent in excess of 20 hours on the computer last week, sometimes as long as 4 hours at a time (and that is outside of my regular job!). I like to work on this type of thing in the evening when most sensible people are tucked up in bed. The downside is also that my brain is then so ‘hyper’ when I go to bed that I have trouble falling asleep. And then, of course, I have trouble getting up in the morning – a vicious circle! After a week (and what seemed like little progress on the patterns) I felt truly ‘square-eyed’ and in serious need of a little sewing distraction. Therefore I met up with my friends Anja and Claudia for a girly sewing session on Sunday. In true ‘girl fashion’ we had a lovely day: Nice lunch, lots of chatting (putting all the wrongs of the world to right), had some cake (Thanks, Anja!), AND we were very productive too! Anja learned how to paper piece (Oh yes! There is NO escape, if you come to my house, you will be taught how to paper piece!) and she picked it up in absolutely no time at all! (See? I told you it was easy!) My other pupil Claudia had brought her nearly finished FIRST QUILT!! Wow, it looked great! And I was so happy to see it! After all, I had talked her into making it 😉 After being shown how to stitch on the binding Claudia was beavering away at it for the rest of the afternoon and I finally picked up some sewing myself! I paper pieced some designs for samples of my new patterns (of course! ;)).

At the end of the lovely day I was however wondering why I had bothered to clean the whole house in the morning – there was (again!) chaos everywhere! My sewing room was in disarray, somehow half the sewing room had migrated downstairs (I was showing the girls my latest projects and samples) and there were bits of thread all over the place. ‘Oh well, never mind’, I thought, ‘I’ll tidy it up tomorrow’ and collapsed in a happy heap on the sofa.

God only knows what the window cleaner must have thought when he did the windows the next morning…

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  1. Heidi Adamek on February 9, 2014 at 11:22 am

    It sure sounds like a lot of fun and I wish I could have been there!!!
    Your decribtion of a lovely and creativ day made me aware of the fact, that I can not even remember when I have last spendt a “girlsday” with my friends. I certainly have to work on that!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration (-:

    Cheers Heidi from Finland