16-Petal Chrysanthemum (MEDIUM)



We are very pleased to be able to offer our first MEDIUM sized Chrysanthemum paper pieces to you.

They are a variation of the Dresden Plate pattern, but feature ‘pointy’ petals!


This Chrysanthemum flower (or ‘Plate’) is about 7 inches (18 cm) in Diameter and has 16 petals.

The central Circle is appliqued on top and is of course supplied with the petals in the packets.



The paper pieced Chrysanthemum Flowers are appliqued onto a background fabric. It is advised to leave the paper pieces in place for the applique stage. They are removed afterwards by trimming back the excess backing fabric behind the flower (to expose the paper pieces).


You can choose from 3 pack sizes to suit your needs:

  • a packet containing 1 flower
  • a packet containing 3 flowers
  • a packet containing 9 flowers


Please choose the packet size you require in the drop-down menu below


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