Welcome to the ‘4-Points’ page.

This shape is created by overlapping circles and their size is given as the size of the circle they originate from (as shown in the diagram).


We currently offer in three different sizes:

  • based on a 3 inch circle
  • based on a 4 inch circle
  • based on a 8 inch circle


This shape will tessellate with our ‘Simple Leaf’ or Ellipse shape and together they form a complete circle,

The smaller sized 4-Points will also tessellate with same size Clamshell paper pieces. Because the fine tips of the 4-Points are very vulnerable we cut them in a thicker paper for the small sizes and they are available in packets of 25 pieces.

The large 8 inch 4-Point is available in two different packet sizes: 25 or 50 pieces.


Please choose the template size in the drop-down menu below.


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