90 deg Triangle (right-angled)


Welcome to our ‘Right-angled’ Triangle page.

We currently produce only 2 different right-angled Triangles (or 90 deg Triangles), and one of these is the Half-Square Triangle which is not NOT listed here but can be found through this link:  https://www.www.linapatchwork.com/product/half-square-triangles/

The triangle with differing length edges that we make at present is:

  • 1.5 in on the SHORT side (and is 2 and 5/8th in on the long side)   – this Triangle is also a ‘Classic Kite (60 deg)- Half! This means that 2 of the triangles will make up a 1.5″ Classic 60 deg Kite.

This Triangle can of course be used in other ways as well!

It is available in 2 different packet sizes: 60 or 200 paper pieces, please choose the packet size you would like in the drop-down menu below.






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