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Acrylic Fussy-Cutting Template ‘Applecore’


Here are our Applecore Fussy-cutting Templates!

Please NOTE: You do NOT need to add seam allowance to your templates measurements!! We have already done that for you.

Simply choose the SAME size paper and acrylic templates!


Because the Applecore shape is more tricky to work with (due to the concave and convex curves), we have made the acrylic templates with a 3/8th inch (0.95 cm) seam allowance. This makes ‘snipping ‘ the fabric on the convex curves easier.

We have four different sizes of Applecore to choose from (the sizing refers to the ‘diameter’ or measurement from top to bottom).


Please choose the template size you require in the drop-down menu below

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You can find the matching Apple Core paper pieces here:


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