Acrylic Template ’90 deg Long Honeycomb’


Please note that we have several very different ’90 degree Long Honeycombs’ to choose from!! If you are unsure which one you need, please do get in contact with us (we are always happy to help!).


There are 3 different Acrylic Templates which differ in the length of the ‘short’ and ‘long’ sides of the template as follows:

  • 5/8th inch on short side and 7/8th inch on long side (as used in L. Anderson pattern)
  • 1 inch on short side and 1 & 3/8th inch on long side (as in W.Hammerstein and S.Daley patterns)
  • 1 inch on short side and 2 inch on long side


Please choose the template you would like in the drop-down menu below


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