‘Big Stitch Quilting’ by Carolyn Forster


A practical guide to sewing and hand quilting 20 stunning projects by Carolyn Forster.

Create nine stunning quilts and 11 desirable gifts using contemporary big-stitch quilting.
Big stitches sewn by hand lend an irresistibly tactile quality and visual style to quilts and other items, as well as being meditative and relaxing to sew. Each of the 20 stylish projects in this book is quilted using a range of big stitches, inspired by Boro, Kantha and Sashiko-style stitching.
Each project is shown step by step, with illustrations and photographs throughout to make the process simple to follow. Learn how to create nine gorgeous quilts as well as 11 gift projects, which include wrapping cloths, a Japanese knot bag, a pillow cover and coasters.
There is a comprehensive techniques section at the start of the book that explores the kinds of materials and fabrics best suited to big stitch quilting, the stitches and methods used, and how to assemble and finish your quilts.

The techniques covered in the book are:
Cutting, Chain piecing, Basting, Quilt designs, Quilting stitches (starting and stopping, big stitch, Mennonite tacks, Methodist knots, running cross stitch) and Binding.

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in this stunning form of hand quilting.

Paper back by Searchpress, 144 pages


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