Clover Black Gold Needles ‘Applique/Sharps’


We are very happy to be able to recommend these exceptional new types of hand-sewing needles by Clover.

Black Gold needles are professional type, polished needles with a special black metal plating. This plating enables the needle to pierce effortlessly through the fabric and making sewing easier for your hands!


They are also bend- and break-resistant and feature outstanding rust-resistance.


The available sizes:

  • No 9  size is 34.9 mm long and 0.53 mm in diameter
  • No 10 size is  33.3 mm long and 0.46 mm in diameter
  • No 12  size is 28.8 mm long and 0.46 mm in diameter
  • assortment of No 9, 10 and 12 (2 needles each)

Pack size: 6 needles

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