CLOVER Rotary Cutting Blades


If you demand highest quality from your tools then you cannot go wrong with CLOVER!

Here are the replacement blades for your rotary cutter(s). The CLOVER branded blades will fit any brand rotary cutter, just ensure you select the correct size (diameter) blade for your cutter.

The 18mm and 45 mm size multipacks come with a convenient storage case and all sizes include a protective blade holder.

We offer 3 different sizes (diameter of the blade) in handy multi-packs:

  • 18 mm (Mini) blade – packet of 2 blades
  • 28 mm blade – packet of 2 blades
  • 45 mm blade – packet of 1 blade
  • 45 mm blade – packet of 5 blades

Please choose the blade size you require in the drop-down menu below


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