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Gutermann Hand Quilting Thread (set of 10)


This thread is our personal favourite when it comes to hand-quilting!

In this assortment pack we get all the colours that you could possibly want for you hand-quilting needs!

Set of 10 different colours on small spools (80 m)

Gutermann Hand Quilting Thread is a 100 % Cotton, super strong waxed thread, specifically for hand quilting and hand sewing only (not suitable for use on the machine!)

80 m spools (NOT the more common 200m!)

colours included: 5709, 5201, 928, 1225, 1712, 8526, 5322, 8816, 2538, 2074

(black, white, cream, tan, brown, dark blue, light blue, mid green, light pink, red)



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