MODA Mini Charm ‘Amelia’s Blues’ 2.5″


MODA Mini Charm packet ‘Amelia’s Blues’

42 fabric squares of 2.5 x 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) from the classic ‘Amelia’s Blues’ collection by Betsy Chutchian.


Blues, cool and crisp. Buttery yellows, warm and cosy. Chocolates, just delicious. Frame these colours with soft ivory and you have Amelia’s Blues. Inspired by the life of Amelia Bloomer, 1818-1894. Amelia was a suffragist, a social activist, and the editor of the temperance newspaper, The Lily. Her interest in the reform of women’s clothing led to her promoting the Rational Dress Movement during the Victorian Era. She especially advocated the wearing of a form of pants called pantaloons, as being sensible and practical under a short dress. Women accepted the idea of wearing pantaloons, mostly in the form of undergarments, and while Amelia did not invent the pantaloons, the nickname bloomers was adopted.

You can choose to have just the fabric bundle, or alternatively have the bundle gift-wrapped (with a bow in a clear cellophane bag) with 42 Hexagon paper pieces (1″).

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