Moda Mini Charm ‘Slow Stroll’ 2.5″


MODA Mini Charm packet ‘Slow Stroll’

42 fabric squares of 2.5 x 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) from the classic ‘Slow Stroll’ collection by Stephanie Sliwinski of Fancy That Design House.

Stephanie says about her new collection: ‘ It all started with a countryside walk to slowly soak it all in. The long, warm days were just starting to give way to earlier sunsets, warmer hues, and that familiar golden glow that sets in around us. Slow Stroll gathers the last of the season’s blooms, skips along and picks up acorns along the way – celebrating the change of seasons, and the beauty of slowing down. ’

You can choose to have just the fabric bundle, or alternatively have the bundle gift-wrapped (with a bow in a clear cellophane bag) with 42 Hexagon paper pieces (1″).

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