MODA Mini Charm ‘Zinnia’ 2.5″


MODA Mini Charm packet ‘Zinnia’

42 fabric squares of 2.5 x 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) from the bright and cheerful ‘Zinnia’ collection by April Rosenthal.

Each year, I plant Zinnias lining my front walkway. They start out small, with tiny leaves and just a single bud to indicate that a flower will emerge. In the arid desert heat, it is sometimes difficult to find flowers that can thrive, but these little plants dig in and find water deep below the surface. They grow quickly, and soon grow tall, vibrant and fragrant, easily becoming the neighborhood showstoppers. I fill dozens of vases for my home, take bouquets to neighbors, and clip spent blooms, and I still have hundreds of flowers to enjoy from my porch. I created this collection, Zinnia, to celebrate the beauty and resilience of these hardy flowers that retain their beauty long after other blossoms are spent and faded. They also keep their blooms until the literal frost of winter kisses their petals. I hope you enjoy these prints inspired by late summer Zinnias.

You can choose to have just the fabric bundle, or alternatively have the bundle gift-wrapped (with a bow in a clear cellophane bag) with 42 Hexagon paper pieces (1″).

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