EPP Video Tutorial: All Hexagons, Great and Small!

In this extensive tutorial Nancy will take you through all the stages of English Paper Piecing (EPP) with the most popular paper shape of all by far: The classic Hexagon!

Let yourself be guided through the whole process from start to finish and learn lots of tips and the use of helpful tools along the way.

After explaining the preparation and cutting of the fabric for your Hexies (⏯️0.28), Nancy introduces you to the traditional Thread-basting method (⏯️3.30) where the tacking stitches are done through all the layers (including the paper piece). Along the way you will learn a useful tip about threading a needle (⏯️4.50) in a different way, which may well be an eye-opener for many of us.

Nancy then shows you how to sew the covered paper pieces together (⏯️5.30) and explains the best strategy to sew a Hexagon-Flower (⏯️7.30), before finally explaining how to remove the paper pieces when using the thread basting method (⏯️16.20).

She then moves on an explains how smaller sized Hexagons are tackled in EPP (⏯️18.10), using a method which avoids stitching through the paper piece.

After the introduction to the fabric cutting (⏯️18.20) learn how to use the popular ‘Corner-Catching’ method on the small hexies (⏯️19.35). Nancy will discuss the disadvantages of this method for large paper pieces and how a glue pen can be of help (⏯️22.40) with this method.

While explaining the best strategy for sewing a small Hexagon-Flower (⏯️24.35) learn about Thimble alternatives that may transform your sewing experience (⏯️27.40), before you are guided through the process of removing the paper piece when using the Corner-Catching method (⏯️29.30).

From needle threading, over cutting the fabric, covering the paper pieces to sewing them to together, it is all here. Enjoy! ????

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