Sunday afternoons

Sometimes we simply have to follow our mind. Last Sunday was such a day for me. Instead of tackling all those important issues that have piled over the past week, all I wanted to do was quilt! And not any old quilt, I felt the urge to set up my large quilting frame with a new quilt! I love hand quilting and always have a quilt on the go on my hoop. But my large frame had been dismantled since moving house a few years ago. My dear partner supportively offered to give me a hand setting it up, and that was a good thing since we spent quite a while puzzling over all the bits, trying to remember how it all fitted together. Of course the instructions were missing and as it turned out some vital nuts and bolts were missing too! They were all safely found at last, but my sewing room was turned completely upside down in the process. Then some more puzzling over which bit had to be wound onto which roller in which order – by which time dear partner made his excuses and escaped to his bike garage. But all was fine, and backing, wadding and top went on the frame without a problem. Marvellous things these frames! No more crawling around on the floor for hours pinning and then tacking your quilts! My knees are ever so grateful! 🙂

Right, – Time to quilt! But hang on: I have to decide on the border pattern first. Hmm, I had forgotten about that. Normally I don’t give the border quilt pattern much thought, as it is usually the last to be quilted. So out came my (rather large) collection of quilting stencils, but nothing seemed to fit quite right (too small, too big, too elaborate, too flowery). The quilt features blue stars, and colours are ‘nautical’ and none of the pattern seemed ‘appropriate’. So the quilting pattern books came out as well for a browse. By this time the dining room (where my frame will live for next year) was beginning to resemble the state of my sewing room! Never mind: Where great minds are at work …. I was considering an undulating rope design, but I could not face having to cut a stencil myself first: I wanted to start quilting! And I wanted to do it NOW! (I am sure you know that feeling) Well, what can I say: I finally settled on a completely different design: Sways of little hearts, The FIRST stencil I had picked out two HOURS (!) earlier. I sat down to mark the design but – no marker pen, got up and went off to get it. Sat down again, marked the design, picked up the red quilting thread but – I NOW preferred the white thread instead, so I got up and went off to get. Sat down again and started to sew but couldn’t see what I was doing well enough – realised I wasn’t wearing my glasses (age catches up with us all: I for sure did not need those last time I had used the frame!). Got up and got the glasses, sat down again but – still could not see properly. Of course, the afternoon light was fading, I needed a work light. I got up and went to get one from the sewing room, sat down again – and suddenly all was fine! 🙂 I was quilting at last!! Lovely.. what else could possibly happen?

And then I accidentally dropped the needle in the shag pile carpet!


stars and stripes1 stars and stripes

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  1. Heidi on January 28, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    Hi Nancy,
    I can just see you getting started all excited and then batteling with the many details real life provides us with to make us real happy once we overcome them!!!