45 deg Jewels


Unlike the other Jewels (60 deg), the 45 deg Jewels tessellate with Octagons and Squares!

Please note that we have 2 different types of 45 deg Jewels available: A ‘short’ and a ‘long’ one! The ‘short’ on is more ‘stocky’, while the ‘long’ one is not. Both tessellate with Octagons and squares, you just need to pick the octagon size that fits the the respective Jewel ‘base’!

These are the different ones we offer:

  • short Jewel  1.5″ size, which fits with 1.5″ Squares and a 0.75″ Octagon
  • short Jewel  2″ size, which fits with 2″ Squares and a 1″ Octagon (as used in our ‘Little Rascal’ pattern)
  • long Jewel  2″ size, which fits with 2″ Squares and a 0.75″ Octagon (as used in the ‘Seedlings quilts’)
  • all are available in packets of 100 or 300 paper pieces

Please chose the shape size and packet size in the drop down menu below





You can find the matching Octagon and Square paper pieces here:



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