Simple Leaf (Ellipse)


Welcome to our page of ‘Simple Leaf’, or Ellipse shapes.


They are created when two equal size circles intersect by a quarter, like in the ‘Orange Peel’ pattern.

Their ‘size’ refers to the radius of the circle that they come from.

We currently offer:

  • 1 inch Leaf (originating from a 2 inch circle)
  • 1.25 inch Leaf (originating from a 2.5 inch circle)
  • 1.5 inch Leaf (originating form a 3 inch circle)
  • 1.75 inch Leaf (originating from a 3.5 inch circle)
  • 2 inch Leaf (originating from a 4 inch circle)
  • 4 inch Leaf (originating form an 8 inch circle)


Our smaller sized Leaf’ paper pieces (1-1.75 in) come in packets of 100 paper pieces. They tessellate with the related sized ‘Clamshell’, ‘Apple core’ and ‘4-Point’ shapes!

The largest (4 inch) Leaf/Ellipse, tessellates with our new large 8 inch ‘4-Point’ shape and is available in a 50 piece packet (this is the size that was used in our ‘Spring Greens’ pattern!)


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