60 deg Honeycomb


This great ’60 degree Honeycomb’ is another variation of a Hexagon (6-sided), but it is different compared to the other Honeycombs!!

Please note that this special Honeycomb features 60 deg angles in the two pointy ends!

For the 1.5 and 2 inch sizes all sides have the same length and it tessellates with Hexagons, Isometric(equilateral) Triangles and Squares!!  (as shown in the ‘Trixi’ Pattern, picture courtesy of M. Cann).

The 60 deg ‘Long Honeycomb’ we offer tessellates with the 1″ Classic Kite and  2″ Hexie-Third and it is 1.75 in on the short (pointy) end and 2″ on the long sides (it is used in our ‘Disco Inferno’ pattern!)

We offer the ’60 deg Honeycombs’ in two different packet sizes (please choose in the drop-down menu below). And now we also offer the acrylic fussy-cutting template to go with the paper pieces.



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