AURIFIL MAKO 50 Cotton Thread Collection ‘Oceans’


‘Oceans’ by Karen Nyberg – a beautiful Aurifil 50 Thread Collection

“Orbiting Earth in the International Space Station, there were moments when it seemed as though the oceans never ended. They cover over 70% of the surface and are the vital life support that keeps Earth thriving. I was continually struck by the remarkable shades of blue, ever changing with the angle of the sun and the distance from land. This collection represents some of my favourite Ocean hues.” – Karen Nyberg

Colours included:
2720 (light Delft Blue), 1126 (Blue Grey), 2745 (Midnight) , 5006 (light Turquoise), 4182 (dark Turquoise)

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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 2 cm


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