Karen Kay Buckley’s ‘Perfect Scissors’ 6 inch (Medium)


Some people call these the ‘best fabric scissors ever’ ! 🙂

Unlike traditional scissors, the special micro serrated blades of the Karen Kay Buckley scissors ‘pull’ the fabric into the scissors (rather than pushing it) as you are cutting.

Their blades are sharp to the very tip, and the serrated blade keeps fabric from fraying as well.

Overall they are light weight and comfortable to use with cushioned grips.  Suitable for both, right and left hand use.

The 6″ (Medium) size is great for cutting single or multiple layers of fabric:  It comfortably cuts 4 layers, but can cut up to 6! (and ‘layered cutting’ can save a lot of time in EPP!!)

Actual cutting blade length: approx 2 inches

Overall length : 6 inches

The scissors come with a protective plastic cover for the blade

Designed by: Karen Kay Buckley


Temporarily OUT of stock! – more stock expected by the 19th of Feb! 🙂


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Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 1 cm


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