Premium Hand-Applique Paper from M. Wakayama


Premium, single-sided fusible paper sheets for fine appliqué. Wash for a touchable soft finish; the unique double-layer substrate is flexible yet thick enough to provide stability.

Masako Wakayama developed this single-sided fusible and semi-water soluble paper specifically for hand appliqué.

It is single-sided fusible and perfect even for tiny appliqué designs. Because it is semi-water soluble and washable, the there is no need to remove the paper from your appliqué. Please note that the paper does not ‘wash out’ but instead will become very soft, as if part of the fabric. The manufacturer’s say there will not be a noticeable difference between the areas that have the appliqué paper and those that don’t. Being thin and soft enough the paper enables you to easily quilt, or embroider over it.

5 sheets (each 7 x 10″ – 18 x 26 cm)

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Dimensions 30 × 23 × 0.5 cm


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