EPP Video Tutorial: Dealing with Curved Paper Pieces (Part 1) – Dresden Plates and ‘outward’ curves

When the flower is finished Nancy guides you through the process of appliqueing the flower onto a piece of background fabric (⏯️20.01). Learn how to ‘cast off’ (⏯️22.10) when you applique and when you are finished, how best to remove the tacking stitches (⏯️22.25)  that held the flower to the background fabric. Now you can trim back the excess background fabric behind the appliqued flower (⏯️23.03), before finally the petal paper pieces are removed (⏯️23.41).

At the end of the tutorial Nancy discusses the differences between different Dresden Plate type flowers (⏯️26.10) and what to look out for when choosing your Dresden Plate paper pieces.

When you have mastered the Dresden Plate paper pieces you can go further and learn to tackle pieces with ‘inward’ curves’ – which is shown in the 2nd Curves Tutorial. ????

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