EPP Video Tutorial: Dealing with Curved Paper Pieces (Part 2) – Applecore, Clamshells and ‘inward’ curves

In this 2nd Curves tutorial, you can learn how to deal with inward curves on paper pieces, like Clamshells or Applecores.

Nancy leads you step by step through the whole process, starting with the Applecore shape (⏯️0.35): Learn all the important tips about direction of the fabric grain, the seam allowance size and why it should be larger than normal for this shape. Nancy demonstrates how to cover the Applecore by safely snipping the seam allowance on the inward curves (⏯️3.10) and the best way to proceed with the Thread-basting around the whole shape (⏯️4.02)

Discover how best to fit the Applecores pieces together (⏯️7.15) in the limited pattern options and how to approach sewing them together using a slip-stitch (⏯️7.49) on the wrong side of the fabric. Nancy shows a 4-block arrangement which makes a nice scrap-quilt pattern (⏯️12.35).

After this introduction into ‘inward’ curves Nancy how shows you how to do the same with Clamshell paper pieces (⏯️13.00). After cutting the fabric for the Clamshell shape discover how to thread-baste this rather difficult paper piece (⏯️14.50). Nancy explains the best strategy for covering the edges, one by one, and especially how to deal with the very fine point (⏯️16.18). While sewing the Clamshells together (⏯️18.15) be shown how to best approach the alignment of each shape and how to deal with the fine points (⏯️21.35). When they are sewn together you can safely trim the excess fabric on the tail (⏯️26.00).

Towards the end of the tutorial Nancy also touches on the more traditional applique method of sewing Clamshells (⏯️26.45), where only the outward curves are folded over the paper edge. Learn some tips on how to approach that applique method and see an example of a different layout using clamshells (⏯️28.45)

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